The Blog Begins

Hello…. I am Tracey Cooper founder and designer of Tracey Cooper the brand and I create homewares, kitchen linens and gifts. I should have started this blog back in Feb 2021 when I started my business. But I got caught up in things, juggling the day job, kids, dogs, life, setting up and running a new business, but I am here now.

I started my business after rediscovering my love of illustration following a bereavement. Originally trained as a Graphic Artist, I found myself painting and drawing again everyday as a form of mindfulness to get my head away from the painful thoughts. I turned one of my illustrations into a velvet cushion and when friends and family started asking if they could buy them that was when Tracey Cooper was launched.

I am a small, independent, female run creative business. I design products that bring a pop of colour into your life but that also celebrate the beauty of nature. Each design in proudly manufactured in the UK. All my work is produced with a mix of hand drawn illustrations and digital illustration.

The plan is to make this blog about what inspires me to create, behind the scenes events, new products, photos of my office dog Winnie and just to bring you along on this journey with me…

Tracey x