Proudly Made in Britain

I am very proud to say that I have been accepted to use the logo Made in Britain.

The Made in Britain logo is Britain’s mark of excellence, and it shows that my products are solely made in Britain.

Here are 8 VERY good reasons why we should buy British Made

1. You are supporting British craftsmanship when you buy British made products

Many of the products made in Britain are made by hand using skills that have been handed down through generations. You are actively seeking out something that is not mass produced to support skills and craftmanship.

2. You are buying something of quality that will last

Yes it may cost you a little more, but they are often better made, using better quality materials. This means they can last longer.

3. A British-made product means you have something more unique

Products manufactured in the UK are usually produced on a much smaller scale than things made abroad. So you are less likely to the same product as everyone else.

4. You have something in your home that doesn’t come with a huge carbon footprint

Mass-produced foreign imports are more often than not flown here from the other side of the world leaving a massive carbon footprint behind it.

5. By buying British you are creating employment for UK workers

When you buy goods that have been manufactured in Britain you are helping keep skills in the UK and boosting the British economy by keeping people in jobs here.

6. You are putting the smile on the face of owners of Small Businesses

By buying their products you are helping to keep the retail market in the UK exciting and vibrant. You are also putting a huge smile on the face of the small business owner.

7. When you buy British gifts you are buying something made locally

Isn’t it better to have something where you know where it’s come from and who made it.

8. You are helping preserve the future of British manufacturing

By actively seeking out British Made products you are helping to keep the skill of manufacturing alive in this country.

Some of my products being made up in Lancashire – the company has been running since 1918.