Game Bird Hob Cover


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Tracey Cooper Pheasant Hob Covers – a striking addition to your kitchen that combines sophistication, functionality, and the allure of nature. This exquisite Hob Cover features a hand-illustrated Pheasant design on a regal purple background, bringing a touch of elegance and charm to your aga.

Product Features:

  • Hand-illustrated Pheasant design, capturing the grace and beauty of these majestic birds
  • Regal purple background for a bold and stylish aesthetic

The Tracey Cooper Pheasant Hob Cover is a perfect blend of elegance and functionality, making it an ideal gift for countryside enthusiasts or a stylish addition to any kitchen. Embrace the beauty and allure of these majestic birds and elevate your culinary experience with Tracey Cooper’s exceptional designs. Indulge in the richness of nature-inspired artistry and enjoy cooking with a touch of sophistication.