Tracey Cooper - Designer/Illustrator

Tracey Cooper

Tracey started designing whilst sitting waiting for her daughter to finish her counselling sessions as Shakespeare Hospice. After suffering a bereavement Tracey would use her art to quieten her mind, and distract herself from her thoughts. She drew animals, which she loved, using colourful backgrounds which helped lift her mood. She drew what she loved in colours that uplifted her, this helped her see the positives in life. She wanted to be able to stand back and look at the beauty in the world and to be able to appreciate what life can offer.

She now shares her kaleidoscopic celebration of the beauty of nature with others in a range of vibrant, luxurious and colourful homeware. It's designed to make you stand back and to be grateful for the beauty of life.

Tracey would also like to give back to our beautiful world. So she supports various organisations through out the year, wether that be orphaned elephants or orangutans, the koala bears effected by bushfires, the cleaning up of waterways and ocean preservation or supporting organisations in our local community. Her aim is to do this by giving a % of profits earned to those causes. This is a small commitment to help support our wildlife, or community and our world. Her aim is to celebrate the beauty of nature and to bring it into our homes.


Tracey hopes these designs uplift you and increase your appreciation of the beauty that surrounds you. 


Tracey is also a proud to champion UK manufacturing wherever possible. Our collection of prints, and homeware are all made in the UK.


Tracey's prints and homeware are currently stocked at GJF Furnishings in Southam, Margo Marola Boutique in Leamington, Archway Barn in Winchcombe and Once loved Reloved in Shipston.



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