🌟 Nurturing Your Well-being in the New Year! 🌈

🌟 Nurturing Your Well-being in the New Year! 🌈

Recognising that January might bring a touch of the blues, I am here to support you with tips rooted in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness – tools to uplift your spirits and nurture your well-being.

I was a counsellor and CBT therapist for a number of years before embarking on my journey into being an Artist/Designer and small business owner. These are all techniques I use myself on a regular basis.

1. Mindful Strolls in Nature:

Consider a mindful walk in the countryside, perhaps exploring the serene beauty of the Malvern Hills, one of my fave's. Engage your senses – feel the crisp air, listen to the rustling leaves, and take in the scenic views. Mindful walking can be a powerful practice to ground yourself in the present moment.





2. Baking:


Embark on a mindful baking session. Focus on the textures, scents, and sensations as you create something delicious. Engaging in purposeful activities like baking can be a form of mindfulness, allowing you to immerse yourself in the present and find joy in the process.






3. Mindful Coziness:

Create a mindful haven for yourself by embracing hygge – the art of cosiness. Picture a cosy nook by a roaring fire, wrapped in a comfy blanket with a good book in hand. Mindful moments like these can foster a sense of calm and comfort.



4. Gratitude:

Practice gratitude by celebrating life's small victories. Take a moment each day to acknowledge and appreciate the positive aspects of your life. Whether it's savoring a warm cup of tea, enjoying the company of a pet, or relishing a delicious treat – mindfulness in gratitude enhances your overall well-being.





5. Colour Therapy for the Soul:

Explore the benefits of colour therapy by treating yourself to a vibrant piece of Tracey Cooper Homeware. Colours play a significant role in influencing our mood and emotions. Our homeware pieces are designed not just as decor but as tools to infuse your home with positivity. Dive into our vibrant collection and let colour therapy become a part of your daily well-being routine.

Remember, the start of the year is an opportunity for growth, happiness, and discovering the beauty in every day. May 2023 be a canvas filled with vibrant experiences and positive vibes.



Wishing you a New Year filled with mindfulness, joy, and well-being!

Tracey x